How to use 1

Text chat

On the chat icon screen, you can select the connection with the other party from "Invite with QR code" and "Copy invitation URL".
If the chat partner is nearby, select "Invite with QR code" to display the invitation QR code on the screen.

When the chat partner scans the invitation QR code on your smartphone, a "Next" button will be displayed on the screen to start the chat.
When the button is tapped, the account information registered by the other party will be displayed in the account information list of the other party.
When the account information of the chat partner is tapped, the chat screen is displayed and you can start chatting.

How to select the video to play from the videos saved in the app

From the home screen, tap the My Folder icon. You can read the video by tapping the thumbnail.
The videos saved in the app are saved in association with each tab of copy, video recording, download, and import, and all videos can be confirmed on the original tab.

How to select a reference frame to synchronize with other videos and cut unnecessary parts

When the video is read, the sync, start / end, and playback tabs will be displayed.
When the sync tab is tapped, a slider (Sync) for adjusting the reference frame and a slice adjustment button for selecting the reference frame in frame units are displayed. In addition, a slider for adjusting the transparency and a flip button for flipping the image horizontally are displayed.
The reference frame can be determined by adjusting the slider. If it is difficult to adjust with the slider, tap the slice adjustment button.
Since the video is decomposed into frames, you can move the frame position back and forth and check whether it corresponds to the reference frame for each frame.
When the reference frame is decided, tap the start / end tab to memorize the reference frame. If this operation is skipped, the reference frame may not be fixed, and the playback range determined by the start / end may not be fixed.
In addition, adjust the start and end sliders to determine the selection range that is the playback range of the video and that is cut out as a separate file.Then, if you operate the button to save the selected video as a new file separately, a new original video will be generated.
As a result, the part outside the selection range is cut as an unnecessary part.
The reference frame must be within the selection range. Since each slider displays the counter value at the time of operation, the reference frame and selection range can be determined by referring to the counter value.

How to draw characters and figures by hand on the video

When the drawing icon on the playback screen is tapped, the drawing tool is displayed. You can draw characters and lines by hand. There is also an eraser tool, so you can erase the target directly, but you can also go back and forth to the previous operation with the redo button and undo button. When the Close button is tapped, the state immediately before it is saved.

How to shoot a video

If you tap the My Folder icon and then the Create new button, the "Video recording" and "Import" buttons will be displayed.
When the video shooting button is tapped, the shooting screen with the rear camera activated will be displayed.
Recording is started by operating the REC button, recording is stopped by operating the STOP button, and the video is saved in the app.
The camera can be switched between the back and front.
In ball games such as tennis, when comparing two videos, it is best to set the moment of impact as the synchronization timing. Therefore, this app can shoot at a high frame rate.
Also, if you want to move from video recording to another process, tap the Exit button.

How to import videos from camera roll

ap the My Folder icon, tap the Create new button, then tap the Import button.
By operating the button to select a video from the camera roll, the thumbnail of the video saved in the camera roll is displayed.
Tap the thumbnail of the video you want to import to import the video into the app.
In the case of import, you can check whether the video has been imported on the import tab, but you can also check on the original tab.