How to use 2

Multi-video function

The multi-video function can be used by operating the multi-video button and then the Create new button.
The multi-video function has two functions, "camera + video" and "video + video".

"Camera + video" of Multi-video function

The "camera + video" function is a function that aims to allow the user to refer to the movement of the model by superimposing the playback video and the user's own live video.
Tap the "Camera + Video" button to load a model video from My Folder or Camera Roll.
You can operate the model video on the screen by tapping the tab of Sync 2. You can operate your own live video on the screen by tapping the tab of Sync 1.
When the Sync 2 tab is tapped, you can adjust the sync position and transparency with the two sliders, select the reference frame with the slice adjustment, and determine the playback range with the start / end sliders..
Here, too, the playback image can be placed at any position, and the enlargement can be adjusted as desired by pinching out.
In addition, you can easily flip (left and right) the display of the image displayed on the screen by operating the flip button. In tennis, you can easily match the swinging arm of the user with the model, so you can self-train regardless of the dominant hand of the model.
Once the playback range is determined, it can be played repeatedly within that range by operating the play button.
If you tap the tab of Sync 1, you can adjust the transparency of your live video with the slider, and you can adjust the arrangement and size of the video as you like.
Also, when you tap the sync 1 or 2 tab, you can place the video corresponding to that tab in the foreground.
Furthermore, when you tap the tab of Sync 1, you can switch the camera to either the front or the back by operating the front / back button.
After selecting the sync frame on the Sync 1 and 2 tabs and adjusting the playback range with the start / end sliders, you can play two videos at the desired sync timing within the playback range at the same time.
Also, if you adjust the transparency for one or both videos, you can play back the model video with your own live video superimposed on it. Of course, you can play them side by side at the same time, or you can play them at any playback speed.
The edited state of the multi-video can be saved by tapping the state save button.
In addition, it is possible to save the self-training scene using the "camera + video" function to the camera roll by screen recording.
The "camera + video" function can also be used, for example, as a tool for coaches to advise students.It is recommended that the coach give voice advice while playing the student's video.
This function to record external audio can be used as a trial period (free of charge) for 2 weeks after the subscription procedure.
There is no charge if you stop the automatic subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial period.

"video + video" of Multi-video function

For the "video + video" function, select two videos from the camera roll or My Folder.
Editing a video is the same as the "Camera + Video" function.
Here, for the videos in My Folder, if the adjustment of the reference frame and the cutting out of the playback range have been completed in advance, it is only necessary to arrange the two videos and adjust the transparency.
You can also record the screen and save the status here.
Since it is good to compare videos with high frame rates, it is recommended to use videos shot with this app.

Share function

The sharing function is a function prepared for sharing a video file with synchronization information added so that it can be easily synchronized with other videos with the multi-video function.
The sharing function requires a subscription procedure.
However, you can use the sharing function for free for 2 weeks after the subscription procedure.
Even if you try the sharing function during the free period, you must subscribe. Please try and enjoy sharing video files with synchronization information.
When you tap the My Folder button in the menu displayed at the bottom of the screen, the tabs for original, copy, video recording, download, and import will be displayed at the top of the screen.
Assuming that adjustments such as synchronization have already been completed, tap the tab of the folder that stores the video you want to share with a third party, and tap the video to read it.
Read the video you want to share with a third party and tap the play tab to display the share button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the share button to share a video file to move to the screen for selecting a sharing tool.
To send a video file to share, for example, if you select the WhatsApp tool, first select the recipient and then tap the send button. This completes the send operation.
The procedure for receiving video files using WhatsApp as a sharing tool is as follows.
If you confirm the message of file reception on the chat screen of WhaysApp, you will be asked to enter the password when you tap the message part. Tap the share button displayed on the upper right of the screen as it is.
After that, the sharing menu for selecting the sharing destination will be displayed, so tap the BLINGR Sports icon to select it.When a pop-up for selecting whether to save is displayed, tap the save button to instruct to save.
The shared video file is stored in the original folder instead of the import folder, so tap the original tab to check if it is saved.
 If you want to share two videos edited with multi-video as one video file, press the multi-video button and select one video saved in the state. In this case as well, it is necessary to display the playback screen once.
After that, tap the share button displayed at the bottom of the screen to proceed with the sharing operation, just like when you select a video from My Folder and share it. The same operation applies when receiving a video.
In the case of "camera + video", one video and the setting state at the time of editing are retained in the video file.   

When using WhatsApp Messenger as an example of a sharing tool
(WhatsApp Messenger is a messaging service owned by Facebook, Inc.)

/ Sending procedure /

/ Receiving procedure /

Microphone (external audio input) recording function during screen recording

When recording the screen with a video selected from My Folder or a video saved in the state by multi-video editing, you can use the microphone to superimpose the external audio on the playback video.
In the screen recording after the subscription procedure, a pop-up instructing whether or not to use the microphone is displayed at the time of screen recording, and then a pop-up instructing screen recording (again, confirmation of microphone use is confirmed) is displayed.
Once screen recording is allowed, only a pop-up will appear asking if you want to use the microphone.
This microphone recording function is treated as a set with the sharing function, and a subscription procedure is required together.
In this case as well, you can use the sharing function for free for 2 weeks after the subscription procedure.Even if you try the microphone recording function during the free period, you must subscribe.
The instructor can use it to add advice to the video.